Is it Worth Investing on Apple iPhone?

To start with, investing money on materialistic stuff is of the waste but at the same time, your phone should have good features and specifications if at all your buying it considering as a one-time investment. Now that EMIs on commodities can be easily availed, buying an iPhone is no big deal for sure. There are online websites like Amazon, which has been brilliant over the years or you can as well visit the store. I would always recommend buying in-store as you will be given the freedom to test it and if something is wrong, you can exchange it right away. For those who are waiting to know apple phone price in India. Stay tuned!

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iPhone a dream to buy!

Many of us have had a dream to buy an iPhone but we think twice whether it is worth buying it or no. I, being an ios user for more than 5 years, recommended for those who are passionate about it. Many of them complain that the iPhone’s battery back up is very poor. Yes, it is. Because each second it will be sending 50,000 signals to the receiver. Apple is now working on fixing the issues and now it is far better than the older versions. The older versions never used to last for more than 8 hours but new versions last for at least 24 hours.

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The highest variant of apple iPhone might cost you around INR 80,000. If you are expecting multi-task windows, accessing third-party apps, the iPhone is not at all the best buy. You can settle down with a one plus or a Samsung phone.

Why are you paying so much for an iPhone?

The brand is the only reason behind the pricing. It is observed that apple’s sales have come down because of the prices and no feature factor. Whereas Samsung has already come up with foldable phones. Apple is nowhere near Samsung when it comes to features and specifications.

Hope the blog has given useful information about apple phone price in India. Stay connected to us to know more about gadgets and stuff. Thanks for reading!

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