Best Apps to get Wallpapers for Android

If you are searching for good quality hd nature wallpapers for android and finding nothing on internet and then landed to our website then don’t need to get over to anymore websites. As we will be providing you with some good websites from where you can get and download the wallpapers for your phone and even some websites also provide you wallpaper for desktop as well. The main trick in this is that finding the best website or app that will provide you with good resolution wallpapers that will suit you taste as well.So, here we are appending a list of some good apps that you can look for if you are searching for hd wallpapers for android.


Talking about the newest wallpaper app on the list is thee Abstruct developed by Hampus Olsson, which is the designer for the Oneplus related wallpapers. A number of abstract wallpapers are there present in this app. Here in this app there are number of options available and can find hd nature wallpapers for android.


If you are talking about some nice wallpapers then Reddit is also a good option as there are tons of good wallpaper choices present for different screen resolution. And majority of the wallpapers are putted on Imgur, making it a good website to search for wallpaper also.


For the photography kind of wallpaper you can try the app called Resplash as the app provides a huge number that is 1,00,000 plus wallpapers  and that’s not all as wallpapers are updated each and every day. Talking about the UI of the app it is quite simple and easy to use. Even you van opt for customization for wallpapers like dark mode and various layout options.


If you are looking for a unique wallpaper app then this app is for you. The app takes a segment of map and colorize the wallpaper to fit the home screen. And maps of anywhere can be used to set as wallpaper. There are a over 30 locations from where you can choose the wallpaper and each wallpaper can be generated in upto 4k resolution and colors can be changed to fit the theme of the phone.


If talking about the uniqueness for the wallpapers and the way the wallpapers are generated and provided is also unique. You just need to choose the colors and design and the app will provide you with a choice of wallpaper to download and the resolution is decided depending on the screen settings of your phone.

Hope you get some good suggestions from this list of apps for hd nature wallpapers for android and if you like the app suggestion then please let us know as we would be happy to know about it and will provide you with more such information. In case you have any doubts or suggestions then please let us know by filling the Contact Us form.

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