Best Wallpapers which look lively for Android

Android Phones will let you customize its interface according to your taste and likes. Even you can use app launchers, icon packs, widgets and more to customize your Android Device to look exactly in which way you want it. While using these customization features, the thing you can customize the most is the home screen background using wallpaper apps and can set live wallpapers for android which looks good on the device.  Below are the best wallpapers which look lively for Android.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

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This wallpaper is the most popular for android and the application will automatically update your current wallpaper to a new live wallpaper every day. This application will support multiple sources with the help of its plugin features. This means that you can download add-on wallpapers from the Play Store.

Hex Shaders

The Hex Shaders is a very unique live wallpaper app which basically shows animated hexagonal pixels with a shader program. Overall, there are 20 different types of hex shade designs that you can choose from. You can also customize different properties of wallpaper such as detail level, timescale and more. In case, if you like the unique theme then you can give a try.

Automs HD

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This is another unique and beautiful live wallpaper which brings a highly complex, kinetic and interactive visualizer which looks absolutely beautiful. So, there are thousands of colorful particles swirling around in the wallpaper that behave differently depending on whether you are swiping, holding or just tapping on the screen. Depending upon the interaction you can see fireworks, whirlwinds, and fireflies among other things.

Earth and Moon

If you like the space-themed wallpaper which is going to love the earth and moon live wallpaper pack. This application will bring a live 3D representation of earth, moon, and clouds. Even you can adjust different settings by including camera angle, parallax effect, animation and more.  Earth and Moon will give good quality when it comes to live wallpapers for android.

The above-mentioned wallpapers will look better when you set the live wallpapers for android on the home screen which looks amazing for your smartphone. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best wallpapers which look lively for Android. Thanks for reading!

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